Kyle Spackman
Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
Western University 25'
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An Informal Introduction

Kyle Spackman

Thanks for coming to visit my website! I've used page as an outlet to display a variety of dimensions in my life. As well, this is has been an ongoing exercise in web development as I am continuing to learn HTML, CSS, and JS while building this website! I am currently in my second year of study at Western University where my academics aim towards a concurrent program in Electrical and Biomedical Engineeering. Alongside my studies, I am thrilled to be part of the Mustang's Family competing with the Men's Squash Team. Feel free to explore my personal and professional works throughout this website!

"Let him who would move the world first move himself" – Socrates


My Experience As:

Graphics Director

As the Graphics Director for the Engineering Student Societies' Council of Ontario (ESSCO), I have been able to provide the organization with a variety of graphics for social media, website, partnerships, documents, and more!
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Junior Tech.

Employed by Business Computing Solutions Inc. (BCS), my Job as a technician has allowed me to specialize in work with HP workstation computers and Power-over-Ethernet Solutions. development here:
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General Labourer

This diverse role took place through Jonathan Hill Contracting where my employment relocation gave me the responsibility to oversee a variety of projects around the construction of a new residence.
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Creative Software

My creative skills & experience

With a plethora of programs at our fingertips I have developed my skills in the following softwares. With a focus on graphic design, I have began my transition to the Adobe Creative Cloud where I plan to add Illustrator and After Effects to my repertiore of programs! I have curated a portfolio of projects not only created digitally that you can check out here:
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logo HTML 60%
logo CSS 70%
logo Canva 90%
logo Inkscape 80%
logo Photoshop 40%
logo Blender 30%
logo Davinci Resolve 20%

Academic Software

Academic Software Experience

As an engineering student, I have had the opportunity to develop an understanding in software utilities that are tailored to my field in Electrical Engineering. These tools have aided my work in object oriented programming, matrix calculations, circuit simulation, PCB design, and FPGA design.

logo MicroCap-12 50%
logo Quartus Prime (Intel) 40%
logo MATLAB 20%
logo EAGLE (AutoDesk) 30%
logo Java 40%